What is a DLG?
Download from God

A Download from God is your intuition.  Your intuition is when God is speaking in-tu-it and the "it" happens to be you.™ 

Intuition is an inherent, intrinsic and innate intelligence that requires no conscious thought or very little reflection or thinking on your part.  It is an involuntary response by you whether or not
you are fully in-tune with it.  Even when you are not consciously tuning in to it, intuition is constantly tuning in to you.  As with anything in Life, you have a choice whether or not to follow
your intuition.

Intuit comes from the Latin word "intueri," which means, "look inside."  The suffix 'tion' means,
'a state of being' therefore, intueri coupled with the suffix 'tion' means that intui-tion is a state
of being intuitive.  Further, having insight, also means, "look inside".

Intuition continually strives to operate our spirit as an inspirational drive toward our own creative gifts of innovation and invention.  It is interesting to note that inspiration is the movement of air into the lungs. The history of the word inspiration is c. 1300 and was defined as the immediate influence of God. The historical development of the word spirit, comes from the Latin word spiritus or spirare, which means breath, life, blow, breathe, puff or vigor.  The Greek translation is pneuma, which relates to the air or breath.  And in medical terminology pneuma relates to the lungs and respiration, as in pneumonia. Life as we know it in its most observable form is demonstrated under the design of a breath of air and its termination is predictably the mark of death.  Our spirit is not only invisible but impalpable, as is our intuition, but that in no way means that it doesn't exist.

Knowing that my spirit has been inspired (animated) through 'The Breath' that's why I feel if someone was inspired by my work, it was due to the influence of God on my spirit.  It wasn't me, it was God working through me.  I was merely His instrument.

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the
breath of Life; and man became a living soul."  (Genesis 2:7)

So you can see, the word 'in' is a very important piece of this intuitive puzzle.  Instinct, as with
intuition, has no prior experience or knowledge, although at the same time it can, even though
you may have no conscious memory of it.  The spirit has no material or physical substance, yet we
give it credit in the role of knowing, thinking, feeling and willing.

By simply tapping your intuition through Source (God), your mind, physical body and spirit will         correspond and respond innately to the world around you without the need to analyze the information but yet, you do.  This is where the 'in' can easily morph in to indecision, insecurity, incredulity, incertitude, inaccuracies, invalidation and inactivity if you tune out instead of in.

Your intuition will become increasingly heightened when you embrace your questions with             childlike inquisition and mature introspection rather than viewing intuition as insignificant and       inhuman.  Your innate intelligence is that part of you that was inherited from God and as any           parent tunes in to their child, Source is always tuning in to you.  Whether you choose to
hear, see, feel, know, touch, taste or smell is up to you.  The senses are there for a reason.

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit,
that we are the children of God."  (Romans 8:16)

Just as you received your physical DNA from your parents, you received your spiritual DNA from God and it is therefore your spirit that animates your physical body.  The challenge is to marry your physical earthly knowledge with your higher spiritual knowledge.  This constant flow of internal communication is always there for us, if only we would tap our Source.  No one is ever so evolved on this planet that they no longer have to consider that they are still a 'human body' housing a 'spirit being', which when coupled creates the totality of a 'human being'.

As you move along your Spiritual Progression Path choose wisely what is worthy input for your mind, body and spirit so that you do not become an inflamed, insatiable and intolerant human being.  Stand in integrity, with purity of intent, so that you will remain open to the correct interpretation of a DLG when you and Source tune in to one another.

Enjoy the site!

A bazillion blessings~
Dr. Loretta Standley, FIAMA

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Intuition is when God is speaking in-tu-it and the 'it' happens to be you!

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